Improve Your Pump Performance and Grow Your Brand

Manufacture 5-star rated pumps and become the pump brand-of-choice for customers by using impellers and diffusers manufactured by the No. 1 trusted partner for pump brands since 1997

How Will You Benefit From Nobtech?

Source Locally and Succeed

With our manufacturing plants in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Maharashtra, we can serve you wherever you are in India so you can benefit from faster delivery, cost optimization, and better service.

Expand Reach with Wide Range

With our full range of Noryl impellers and diffusers for submersible and monoblock pumps, and our SS 304 impellers and bowls for SS fabricated submersible pumps, you can manufacture pumps for all markets.

Safeguard Your Competitive Advantage

We prioritize ethics and loyalty above all, so you are guaranteed peace-of-mind, knowing that your product designs and intellectual property remain confidential.

Manage Your Inventory at Our Cost

You can focus on increasing your production capacity by utilizing your area for manufacturing pumps rather than for storage of pump components because we store and deliver these just-in-time to you.

Manufacture 5-Star Rated Pump Sets

You are guaranteed to optimize your pump performance with our highly efficient impellers and diffusers. Combined with your motor, this is a winning combination for 5-star rated pumps.

Make and Sell with Confidence

We use exclusively SABIC Noryl and SS 304 to manufacture our products and have very stringent quality control processes to ensure that you can manufacture and sell your pumps with confidence.

Tired of Facing Challenges with Your Pump Impeller and Diffuser Manufacturer?

Procuring from the wrong manufacturer leads to:

You Deserve a Pump Impeller and Diffuser Manufacturing Partner You Can Trust

With Nobtech you will be:

Our Products


Noryl Submersible Pump Impellers and Diffusers

Stainless Steel Submersible Pump Impellers and Bowls

Monoblock Pump Impellers

Booster Pump Impellers and Diffusers

Coolant Pump Impellers

Pump and Motor Accessories

Become the Pump Brand-of-Choice

Impellers and diffusers are the heart of the pump. Designed and manufactured for optimal performance, efficiency, and durability, Nobtech Noryl and stainless steel pump impellers and diffusers ensure smooth operation and extended lifespan of your pump. Experience the difference by choosing our reliable impellers and diffusers for your pumps.

    Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

    Yes, at Nobtech we provide our impellers and diffusers in company branding for several of our pump manufacturer customers. We can do the same for you but there will be a minimum business requirement.


    Yes, as an impeller and diffuser manufacturer, we have an MOQ of 1 carton for each impeller and diffuser set. This makes it economical and convenient for the customer as well.

    Yes, we understand that you want to test our products before you purchase in bulk and we can definitely share our product samples with you.

    We have the complete range of Noryl impellers and diffusers for borewell submersible pumps, openwell submersible pumps, and centrifugal monoblock pumps. We also have the complete range of SS 304 fabricated impellers and diffusers for stainless steel borewell submersible pumps.

    Yes, we can specially design and develop impellers and diffusers for you in our in-house toolroom and we will also sign an NDA to maintain confidentiality.