• 01

    Concept Visualization:

    We listen to our customer's vision and identify the products that best suit their needs.

  • 02

    Product Designing and Modelling:

    Using industry-leading CAD/CAM/CAE, we create an accurate 3D representation of the product.

  • 03

    Rapid Prototyping:

    We ensure that our customers are completely confident about the product before it goes into final production.

  • 04

    Selection of Raw Material:

    Our core strength in using engineering plastics means that we select the raw material that gives the best performance of the product.

  • 05


    We then design and develop the tools including dies, moulds, and gauges with the greatest precision and accuracy to ensure that we produce the best products.

  • 06

    Injection Moulding:

    We specialize in the precision moulding of close tolerance pump parts and precision plastic parts using a broad selection of engineering plastics. By utilizing documented process controls and automation, we provide high-quality products at low costs. We use Engel Injection Moulding machines equipped with servo motors for highly accurate and consistent moulded products.

  • 07

    Ultrasonic Welding:

    We use the best-in-class Branson machines (900 Watts to 4000 Watts) to accomplish our welding requirements. Our in-house weld strength testing systems ensure that each piece is developed with the highest quality and consistency.

  • 08


    To maintain dimensional accuracy of 20 microns in our products, we perform machining of impeller and diffuser assemblies, and related casting components in our CNC machining shop equipped with DMG Mori Seiki machines.

  • 09

    Press Shop:

    We use mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic power presses of 5 to 80 tons capacity for fitting stainless steel wear rings on impellers and diffusers. We also produce stainless steel casing cups for various designs of diffusers.

  • 10

    Quality Control:

    Delivering quality products is our priority and we have quality checks at each step of the process to ensure that our customers receive the most durable and efficient products.

  • 11

    Packaging and Delivery:

    We package the products expediently and dispatch them as soon as possible to ensure that they are delivered on time.